EPE School Council Executive Committee - 2018 2019

Chair:                                Kim Fischbach

Vice-Chair:                         Amy Archibald

Secretary                           Jennifer Dechaine       

Treasurer:                          Elaine Gavigan


Contact Us:                       epeschoolcouncil@gmail.com


Members at Large:


Classroom Rep Coordinator

CLASSROOM REPS:  In an effort to improve communication amoung students, parents, and staff we are looking for a parent representative from each classroom to attend the monthly School Council meetings. the role of a Classroom Rep is to help us be informed on classroom issues and to be another way of sharing information back to the parents of their respected classroom.  An example of this would be reporting back about how a hot lunch was received, or sharing suggestions or questions and students on a particular topic.  If you are interested filling this role let us know.

Communications:  Tammy Dumont        

Green Space Improvement Project:  Jennifer Dechaine

Hot Lunch Coordinator:      Ashley Charlton

Green Space Plan

Please click on the link below to see what is new and exciting in EPE's Green Space.

GARDEN Program

Courtyard Propsal


Green Space Plan October 2018

Thank you for all your support in our projects to better enhance our students' learning space here at EPE.

Ecole Parc Families 

DOW Chemical

City of Fort Saskatchewan

Fortis Alberta

Rotary Club of Fort Saskatchewan

Southfort Dental

Grow Your Own Project (Dennis Stelmack)

The Landscaping Company


Before Picture of Front of School

Before Picture of Front of School


Over summer break our school completed a big landscaping project. The front triangle bed is looking fresh and new with thanks to the skilled work of The Landscaping Company. This project was supported primarily by Ecole Parc families who participated in fundraisers over the past two years. The cost of the tree, which is a Prairie Spire Green Ash, was sponsored by Dennis Stelmack of the Grow Your Own Project, and the cost to plant it was sponsored by The Landscaping Company. Thank you to everyone who made this project possible. It truly takes a community! 

To give our new tree and plants the best chance of survival we ask that students do not walk through the new bed. We will be watering the tree and plants on a regular basis and look forward to watching them grow. 

After picture Front of School

After picture Front of School

School Council News

Traffic Safety Tip -   - Put your phones away and be focused on the road at all times when driving through a school zone.  30 km/hour is your max speed. - Leave 5 meters between your vehicle and the cross walk. Park too close and both drivers and pedestrians can't see each other.